Light, fun and carefree, for women who love to move.

Designed for a jet-setting lifestyle, Rollie is a revolution in shoe design. Ever felt weighed down by your shoes as you explore the world? With Rollie’s innovative lightweight design, dedication to comfort, and hand-finished nubuck and soft leathers, you can experience an active lifestyle without having to live in your workout gear.

These on-trend flats are quickly becoming a high demand item around the world. When you slip them on, you feel instinctively connected to the universal love of colour, wonder and fun that inspires the brand.


As we’ve just added Rollie to the great range of brands stocked at Ian’s Shoes, we thought it would only be polite to give them a proper introduction.


Rollie was inspired by travel


Derby Punch in Earthy Sands- $179.95


Australian designer, Vince Lebon, watched his wife Kat (aka Rollie) travel the world in her career as a flight attendant. Inspired by a passion for trends and his wife’s desire for comfortable and stylish flats that would allow her to comfortably discover the destinations she landed in, Vince brought Rollie to life in 2012.

Since their launch in 2012, these practical but beautiful shoes have exploded onto the international market, with leading stores in 11 countries now stocking the products. These innovative shoes are quickly becoming a staple for young-at-heart women who appreciate true comfort with a unique colourful twist. Vince’s success with international fashion groups and global knowledge drives Rollie forward, focusing on a fun and youthful customer experience.


Innovative concepts for added comfort


Derby in Silver Sparkle - $169.95


Rollie is a brand for active women leading busy lives who want premium designer shoes that express their unique style. The innovative design concepts allow your feet to breathe and feel as light as air… in fact they weigh less than a pair of Havianas!

Tested internationally for wearability, each shoe is constructed with premium materials both inside and out, and hand burnished for a unique feel. They’ve even taken the hard work out of wearing your shoes in, using zero shanks or stiffeners for a soft feel from day one.

Just like a ballerina, your shoes hug your foot with inner elastic for extra comfort. These incredible styles are so comfortable, you can even leave your socks in the drawer, thanks to breathable canvas and memory foam lining that bounces back for long term support. Stunning colours and on-trend patterns are the cherry on top, adding a special spark to any outfit.


Our favourites from the Rollie range


Derby in Blue Dream - $169.95


Flair and style are the themes for Rollie this Spring. Eye-catching metallics and patterns paired with classic cuts and curves create a striking look that will mark you as a trend leader.

Derby in blue dream is a timeless look perfectly suited to the coming spring festivities. Pair them with a cute floral midi skirt or white skinny jeans for a fresh and fabulous look. For an edgier, on trend look, the Derby punch and triangle punch styles add some cut out drama to a classic style. Whether you go with the classic black or patterned earthy sands, these styles take your smart casual look from the office to the wine bar! Last but not least, for the woman who likes to make a statement, the silver sparkle derby lets you relive your school days when glitter was the must-have accessory!


Derby Triange Punch in Black - $179.95


Discover all our favourites from the new Rollie range in our online store. Of course, the only way to understand how a pair of these unique shoes will give your wardrobe added flair is to see and feel them in person. An Ian’s Shoes staff member will be more than happy to help you find the perfect pair for you with expert fitting and guidance in-store.

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