Summer is here, and so is sandal season!

Warm days exploring the great outdoors, walks along the beach and lazing by the pool - a recipe for a brilliant summer. But these hot summer days can be tough on your feet, especially if they’re not ready for the heat, causing arch pain, blisters, cracked skin and sore toes. If you’re nervous to let your toes out of their winter confines - don’t be! 

We have four easy tips to help you prepare your feet for the heat.

Pedicure with flowers

1. Treat yourself to a pedicure

Head to your favourite day spa and indulge in a relaxing pedicure.

If you’re not keen on heading to a day-spa, an at-home pedi is easy, and not to mention cheap. Simply soak your feet in a shallow bath of warm water, salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil to soften your skin and improve circulation. After ten minutes, exfoliate gently with a pumice stone or scrub to remove dead skin cells and any rough, calloused patches. Rinse your feet in clean warm water and apply an indulgent balm or lotion, giving your feet a good massage in the process.


2. Call into your podiatrist

If you have ongoing worries about your feet, such as orthotics for flat or misaligned feet, arch pain, cracked heels or bunions, see your podiatrist for a check up.

They can advise you on any particular shoes you should steer clear of, or recommend treatment for painful problems.



Pink toenails in sand

3. Paint those nails 

Summer is the perfect time to show off your favourite shade of nail polish, and it’s a quick and easy way to brighten up your look.

Head to a nail salon and let the professionals take over, or, if you’ve a steady hand, get to work at home. This season it’s all about cherry-pink, lavender and bright lemon-lime - try it if you dare! Finish with a few drops of cuticle oil for extra moisture and shine.


4. Slip, slop, slap!

The rules of the Australian summer don’t just refer to your face, arms and legs.

Your feet are one of the most exposed and sensitive areas of your body, so make sure they’re protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun with an SPF30+ sunscreen. The skin on your feet is extremely vulnerable to melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, not to mention the drying effects of the sun on your freshly moisturised toes!



Sandals walking

5. Pick the right sandals for the occasion.

Often, the right sandal choice can completely change the way your feet feel at the end of a hot summer’s day.

Make sure you choose the right sandals for the occasion.

Here are a few of our favourite picks from the Ian's Shoes range:


Beachy walking sandals

L-R: 3416 by Saimon in White $169.00; 22302 by Florance in Taupe $139.00; Bravo by Ziera in Champagne $229.95.

If you’re taking a walk on the beach or through the neighbourhood, choose a flat sandal with a contoured footbed and plenty of non-slip grip on the sole for balance, such as 3416 by Saimon, 22302 by Florance or Bravo by Ziera.

Heeled sandals

L-R: Kya 479 by BeautiFeel in Navy/Suede White Snake $585.00; Ibano by Zeta in Noche/Arena/Marino $139.00; Kylie by Silver Lining in Taupe $149.95.

Heading out to a summer garden wedding? Look for a pair of mid-heel, wedge-style sandals that not only look stylish, but will keep you balanced on uneven grass or pavers. Kylie by Silver Lining, KYA 479 by Beautifeel and Ibano by Zeta are all stylish choices and come in a range of colours to suit any outfit.  

Sandals high heels

TOP ROW L-R: Secret by Ziera in Rainy Day $279.95; Satin by Ziera in Marshmallow Bilbao $249.95; Jagger by Ziera in Navy Suede/Mesh $249.95.
>BOTTOM ROW L-R: Steele by Ziera in Nude $249.95; Darcy by Ziera in Summer Tan $259.95; G62.843 by Gabor in Silber Jute $250.00.

For a high-heel choice that keeps your feet comfy and fresh, choose sandals that have great arch and heel support, with great stability and soft straps. Secret, Satin or Jagger by Ziera are stylish choices with a slim heel, combining height with comfort. Try Steele by Ziera, G62.843 by Gabor or Darcy by Ziera for a block-heel or wedge style.

Don’t let your feet be a victim of the summer heat!

Prepare your toes for this summer and they’ll thank you forever. If it’s time to restock your shoe-drobe, check out our new range of summer fashion sandals.

Click here to browse the range of new-season sandals at Ian's Shoes and find your perfect fit this summer. 

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