Do your feet, legs and back ache at the end of the day? Your shoes might be to blame!

Comfortable shoes have long been thought of as desirable but not essential. Rather than investing in high quality, long lasting shoes designed to support your body, we often settle for cheap, ‘fast fashion’ alternatives.

But did you know that flimsy, thin ballet flats and teetering high heels could be causing you damage beyond a few blisters? Comfortable shoes with arch support and cushioned soles are worth the extra cost when you consider the long term effect on your health and wellbeing! Before you buy your next pair of shoes, take time to think about why the cost is so low.

Answer the following questions to help choose a pair that will keep you comfortable all day and into the future.


Do the shoes fit properly?


Toledo - Platinum - Now $139.95! (Full price $279.95)


Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to make sure your shoes fit your feet comfortably with enough room to move. Tight shoes put prolonged pressure on specific areas of your feet, causing painful conditions like corns and nail problems. Shoes that are too loose can also cause problems when your shoes slide and rub on your skin.

True, shoes that don’t fit you well will turn up in every price bracket, but higher quality shoes are more likely to have design elements that result in a comfortable, flexible fit.


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*If you struggle to find shoes that fit you well, Ian's Shoes customer service assistants have years of fitting experience. Visit us in store and let us help you find the perfect pair for your feet!*


Are they made with high quality materials or synthetic reproductions?

Fabienne 19 - Black - Now $124.95 (Full price $249.90) / Fabienne 04 - Hibiscus - Now $124.95 (Full price $249.90)


Wrapped in cheap synthetic materials without any air flow, your feet won’t be able to breathe and will start to sweat. Bacteria thrive in this moist environment, resulting in fungal toenail infections or even athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is extremely itchy, leaving your skin inflamed and flaky, and is as unsightly as it is uncomfortable. It’s also highly contagious, so it’s important to practice good foot hygiene and invest in breathable shoes made with premium materials.

Fabienne 27 - Black - Now $112.45 (Full price $224.90)


Premium quality leather shoes have a wide range of advantages over synthetic leather or other man-made materials. The much-loved leather uppers or leather lining are more durable, more breathable, will mold to the shape of your foot and are easier to clean. And of course, leather shoes are always in style!


Do they offer the support you need in your everyday life?


Izzy - Tan - Now $269.95 (Full price $299.95)


While cheaper shoes can look the part, they simply aren’t designed for the life of a busy woman on the go. Thin, unsupportive soles force your knees to bend more to counteract the reduced shock absorbency and cause your feet to roll inward. The blisters you get when the back of your flat rubs against your heel can also be worsened by a lack of support.


Nat - White - $229.95 / Sophie - Black Reptile - $215.95


You’ll be feeling the effects of a long day on your feet well before you should without cushioning and support on the ball of your foot and heel, and if you love heels, you can expect the problems to double! While you still shouldn’t wear heels every day, well-made options are designed for stability and support so that you can wear them all day without risking injury.


Are they appropriate shoes for orthotics, or do they offer arch support?


Lulu - Black Leather/Suede - $645.00


Finding attractive shoes for orthotics can be difficult, but for those of us who want arch support without compromising on style, they’re essential. Cheap shoes will often provide little to no arch support so finding a pair that can accommodate orthotics is a life-saver.

Aching arches might seem like a small price to pay, but collapsed arches can lead to long term foot pain. If you’re planning to wear the shoes regularly, don’t sacrifice your calf muscles, achilles tendon or arch support ligaments to save a few dollars. Look for shoe designs that are either compatible with your orthotics or have the appropriate arch support.


Aline 2888 - Red Suede - $445.00


*Ian’s Shoes have a wide range of orthotic friendly shoes that won’t ask you to compromise on style from top brands like Frankie4, Ziera, Ecco, Cabello, Taos, Soft Touch, Naot, Romika, and Josef Seibel.*


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