You may have seen our new sizing option 'FF' when you purchase a pair of Ziera shoes online. 

Here, we explain what 'FF' is and how it works. 

You can watch a video to learn how to use the Ziera Your Feet, Your Fit (FF) system.

In our busy, modern lifestyles, online shoe shopping is a true gift.

We can pop online in our lunch breaks or at home on the couch and browse a wide range of beautiful shoes. After we place an order with just a few clicks, we wait excitedly for our new purchase to arrive on the doorstep. So it can come as a surprise to try them on and find that they don’t quite fit.

For those of us with wide or narrow feet, orthotics, or feet of different sizes, this frustrating experience can come all too often. It’s almost enough to put you off online shopping altogether. But Ziera have a solution for you!

To help ladies find gorgeous shoes that fit perfectly, they have created contoured and cushioned insoles for selected styles to help customise each pair to suit your feet.

So how do Ziera's shoe insoles work?

Ziera ‘FF’ shoes come with a set of insoles that can be removed or inserted to tailor the fit of your shoe. 

Ziera’s Your Feet Your Fit system includes thin grey and thicker green forefoot inserts, that you can insert underneath the footbed to narrow the fit.


If you feel like the shoes are a bit too tight, you can simply remove the inserts and even the footbed to allow for a bit more wiggle room.


The shoes can even accommodate custom orthotics.

Watch the video from Ziera themselves to see how to use the insoles to customise the fit of your new pair of shoes.

The added benefit of the Your Feet Your Fit system

When we buy shoes, many of us don’t think about the fact that the size of our feet can fluctuate from time to time. Your feet can change slightly in size or shape due to travel or the climate, which means shoes that usually fit perfectly could now be leaving you uncomfortable.

The Your Feet, Your Fit (FF) system gives you the ability to make small changes to your shoes so that they stay comfortable no matter what conditions your feet are facing.

What does this mean for you?

No matter the size or shape of your feet, whether they’re wide, narrow, different sizes, or prone to swelling, you can shop Ziera online at Ian’s Shoes safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to get the perfect fit every time. Just look out for the Your Feet Your Fit badge on selected styles.

Click here to start browsing the Ziera styles in our online store to find a Your Feet, Your Fit (FF) pair that suit you and start experiencing superior comfort and support.

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