As Australia meets the winter chill head on, many of us are dreaming of getting away to warmer climates.

If you’re planning a holiday in the Northern Hemisphere this winter, or even if you’re just looking at getting closer to the tropical areas of Australia to defrost, the one thing you can’t afford to forget is packing a decent pair of walking shoes. You don’t want to be worried about blisters and aching feet while you’re wandering around museums and galleries, exploring new neighbourhoods, or taking in tours of the local highlights.

Of course, you don’t want to be wearing clunky, awkward sneakers in all of your holiday pics. Luckily, some of the most popular brands are releasing styles that give you the best of both worlds!


When you’re looking for your next pair of walking shoes, make sure you’re looking for these features to guarantee you’re getting a high quality pair that will keep you exploring and on your feet as much as you want!


The right fit


From left to right: Umbria - $149.95, Dock - $199.95, Diego - $199.95


During those long days discovering local haunts and cultural highlights, you’ll want to make sure you stay comfortable and don’t end up sore and aching. Finding a good fit should be your number one priority. Look for a pair that’s snug everywhere, tight nowhere, and has room to wiggle your toes.

Laces or adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit and keep your foot securely in place, which will minimise rubbing and the resulting painful blisters. Look out for arch support, forefoot cushioning and a heel cradle and padding to make sure they’re going to stay comfortable in the long term.


Check for breathability


From left to right: Jenni - $234.95, Sophie - $215.95


When you’re walking, your feet get warm and start to sweat, and this moisture can lead to rubbing and blisters, particularly if you’re being more active than your body is used to. Perforated or mesh sections in your shoes allow your feet to breathe through long days exploring.

Buying a pair of walking shoes with breathable membranes or athletic style lining allows any buildup of sweat to be drawn away from your foot, keeping you dry, comfortable and odour-free.


Stay dry


From left to right: Travelwalker - $109.95, Travelwalker 2 - $99.95


You don’t want a rainy day to stop you in your tracks. A rubber sole and high quality stitching should help you stay dry, while using waterproofing spray on the uppers will protect them from getting water damaged.

How you go about waterproofing your shoes will depend on the materials used to make your shoe. Speak to your friendly Ian’s Shoes staff member about safely waterproofing different materials so that your new walking shoes are protected and look great.




From left to right: 430083 - $239.95, 215143 - $219.95


If you’re going to be walking a lot more than you’re used to while on holiday, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality sole. Generally, rubber soles offer conditioning and are lightweight, so your legs won’t get tired constantly lifting them up and down. They’re also strong and flexible, so they’ll last longer than other materials.

A good walking shoe will offer light to moderate resistance as well as a sole that is flexible enough to avoid cracks and other wear and tear damages.


Keeping an eye out for these features will help you choose a new pair of walking shoes that you’ll be proud to show off in your holiday snaps and will be able to enjoy for many years to come!

Take a look at Ian’s Shoes great range of stylish walking shoes from top brands like Ziera, Frankie4, Kroten and more. For expert fitting and advice, visit one of our Ian’s Shoes stores and speak to our friendly staff!

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